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Cush 'n Go

Memory Foam Stroller Cushion


for your little ones

Baby Stroller

Look What’s in the Haven: Safety, Comfort, Convenience

Who is Baby-BeeHaven

We are a brand on a mission to make our lives as parents easier and our babies happier.

We create everyday items with safety, comfort, and convenience in mind. From organizing mommy’s things to helping keep the baby happy, safe, and comfy, we are always dreaming up new innovations to make it better.

We thank all of you who have made us who we are. We truly love being a part of your everyday comforts!

  • heather-prattaas

    Heather Prattas


    I created the Baby-Beehaven product line for mommies, daddies, and of course, for our little ones, too.
  • s-maloney

    Sara Maloney


    Being a part of Baby-BeeHaven was a dream come true after becoming a new mommy myself.
  • Tim

    Tim Schneidau


    Being a father to two little ones, it only came natural to develop these easy parenting products.


Our customers are just as happy as our busy bees.

We appreciate all the love we have received.

  • jessica-test

    Jessica K.

    I just love the way the swing cover completely covers the seat, keeping the germs away.
  • tom-test

    Tom L.

    I recommend the Cush ‘n Go to my patients and used it on for my own children.
  • sammy-test

    Cynthia B.

    I love the See ‘n Store, it keeps my daughter engaged while I am running errands. I have everything I need safely stored and organized.
  • cynthia-test

    Tanya T.

    I have three different cushions for my sons stroller and I just love them.  The hardest thing is picking one out.
  • pamela-test

    Pamela L.

    I won the nursing pillow in a contest and it’s by far the best thing I have ever won, this thing is awesome!
  • tanya-test

    Sammy C.

    My arms thank you for the Dream Cushion nursing pillow.  Best thing I got out of my whole baby shower!

Baby Bee Blog

Our customers are just as happy as our busy bees.

We appreciate all the love we have received.

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Heather Prattas

From our heart & home to yours!

We hope our baby essentials provide a simple relief from the trial and error of finding some of your favorite baby products. They are mom-invented and mom-approved, Enjoy!

Heather Prattas / Founder - Baby-BeeHaven

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Baby Essentials By Baby-Beehaven

Welcome to Baby-Bee Haven, your source for exceptionally affordable baby essentials and accessories for babies. Choosing the right baby products is crucial because it affects the development and growth of your child. As parents, it is important to understand the needs of our babies and find the right essentials to help them develop. With so many baby products on the market, it can be hard to know what baby essentials are required. As parents, knowing what baby essentials to buy for a baby can be stressful and confusing. Babies don’t really need many accessories but there are some basic baby items that parents need in order to provide the best care for their baby. At Baby-Bee Haven we offer a full collection of baby essentials and products to make a busy parents life easier. Many items are personal preferences based on how cute, pretty and adorable they look, but there are certain accessories that are useful and indispensable!

Baby Health and Safety Essentials

Being a parent is the most rewarding yet hardest job there is.  Sometimes parents need a little help to take care of their little honeybees; that’s where Baby-Bee Haven baby essentials come in. Find the most unique and useful baby essentials and accessories for you and your baby. We understand that finding the best for your baby is difficult and in many cases costly. In our experience the products we sell where not even available in the general marketplace. The Baby-Bee haven product line was created by a mommy for mommies, daddies, and for our little ones, too. This is why we know parents will find them as useful and essential as we do! is the official site of Baby-Bee Haven accessories. Find information about Baby-Bee Haven essentials, accessories and products. Read Baby-Bee Haven blog for useful parent information, and more!