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Baby Swing Cover

Using A Baby Swing Cover

One of the best things about having a baby is visiting the neighborhood playground to get fresh air and exercise. However, bucket baby swings located in parks are a constant source of nasty germs and personal injuries for infants. While you may already have a high chair and shopping cart cover to protect a child from sitting on a surface that has been exposed to filthy body waste, having a cover for a public swing is also important. Fortunately, a loving mother noticed the need for a baby swing cover that was the suitable size for standard playground equipment. This led to her creating the Swingin’ Smart product that is marketed by Baby-BeeHaven. Multiple Benefits There are multiple benefits to the Swingin’ Smart baby swing cover including protecting an infant’s tiny fingers from getting caught on sharp metal clips and rings. Chances are that many babies have used the swing before wearing wet or dirty diapers while chewing on the edge of equipment. The baby swing cover from Baby-BeeHaven protects your child from contracting diseases carried by body waste and saliva left behind by other children. This lightweight infant accessory is easy to transport in a vehicle or stroller and attaches quickly to playground swings with Velcro straps. Baby Swing Cover Washable Fabric Sold in a reusable and convenient plastic tote bag, the Swingin’ Smart baby swing cover is made of soft and attractive washable fabric. With a gorgeous printed design on both sides, mothers or fathers can select the side to place downward against an infant playground swing. Made to unpack and repack quickly, this accessory is easy to use anytime of the year to provide extra cushioning for an infant inside a hard and uncomfortable swing. By placing the portable seat inside a playground’s swing, your child is protected from either a hot or cold surface that is damaging to a baby’s sensitive skin. Do NOT attach to playpen, crib, or car seat due to possible risk of entanglement injury. DO NOT LEAVE BABY UNATTENDED. NEVER leave baby unattended in swing at any time. Intended ONLY for use with commercial bucket swings. learn more