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Sara’s Picks for 2015

Geared for active families: The Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket, Muddy Buddy, and Adventure Jacket & Pants are geared towards the outdoor enthusiast who is looking for a quality product at a reasonable price!

A solution suitable for baby AND mommy: The patented footed pajama with 3 snaps on the chest and zipper from foot to belly.

Aiden and Anais
The swaddles work as stroller covers, tummy time blankets, nursing covers, burp cloths and more. Our bibs double as burp cloths. Our serenity star is a five-function-in-one multi-tasking nursery must.

HoMedics SoundSpa
Equipped with six soothing, natural sounds, our SoundSpa allows you choose from white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night and brook, while unwinding from your day. It’s makes the perfect addition to any nursery.

Nuk’s products are designed to support your baby’s development in bottles, pacifiers, teethers, cups, and more.

Heather’s Picks for 2015

Bitybean UltraCompact Baby Carrier weighs only 8 oz and when packed is the size of a child’s water bottle. It is safe, comfortable & conveniently packable.

Headache Helper
The cooling head wrap that you can wear anytime

Tottels – towels for tots
Our patented towels are the instant solution! You won’t find Tottels™ towels laying around your bathroom floor, which means fewer trips to the washing machine.

evREwares Reusable Sticky Ties – Shark Tank Products
evREwares Reusable Sticky Ties are the World’s First Sticky Accessory to the Plain White Tee. Durable, interchangeable and just really cool.

Kiddologic® / Simply Brilliant / the bibit-all
Kiddologic’s mission is to offer the best of basics – products that are smart, practical, and fashionable solutions to the universal challenges of parenthood.

FuzziBunz – Premier Cloth Diapers and Accessories
Visit FuzziBunz to find the most incredible washable diapers to keep your baby free of irritating diaper-rash. You’ll fall in love with FuzziBunz products!

Cool Baby Jogger Stroller Accessories

jogger-and-babyJust because there’s a baby in your life now doesn’t mean it’s time to give up your active lifestyle. In fact, it means the exact opposite! Now more than ever is the time for you to keep up your energy. Plus, it’s never too early to introduce your children to healthy living. Jogging with your baby has been made easy all thanks to special baby jogger stroller accessories. With the Stroll-Smart jogging stroller, there’s a whole new meaning to the saying, “Look ma! No hands!” Recommended by chiropractors and Pilates instructors alike, the Stroll-Smart leaves your arms completely free so you can utilize them to propel yourself in your jogging stride. Meanwhile, your child can enjoy a smooth, cushioned stroller ride in front of you! This stroller, along with other baby jogger stroller accessories, makes jogging with your baby as easy and enjoyable as it should be.


When it comes to organization, the See ‘n Store is the ultimate in baby jogger stroller accessories that stores you and your baby’s essentials for your jog! The last thing you want to deal with when jogging with your baby is simultaneously juggling everything you’ve brought with you. That’s where this See ‘n’ Store multimedia organizer comes to your rescue! Store things like cash, ID, and credit cards for yourself. Meanwhile, it can hold a DVD player or tablet for your baby’s entertainment. Though strollers are made for baby’s comfort, a cushion both stylish and comfortable is a perfect addition to your babies jogging stroller.  Cush n’ go cushions by Baby-Beehaven are reversible so you get two designs per cushion, just incase you decide to hit two parties in one day and your little one can’t be seen at both with the same design.  These cushions are super easy to throw in the washer when baby decides that what belongs in her mouth should go in her seat.


Do you have two or even three children that want to accompany you on your jog? The Baby Jogger Glider Board is perfect for multiple ride-alongs! This baby jogger stroller accessory is adjustable and holds up to 45 pounds. Just attach it to the back end of your stroller so that everyone can enjoy the ride!


Don’t forget to jog in style! Boring stroller shades and covers are a thing of the past. With so many different prints available, why not let you and your baby’s personalities shine through with a sassy stroller accessory? This troller Swagger will turn heads.


Love Handles knows that just because you’re a parent now, you don’t want to give up your healthy lifestyle. Burn triple the calories with these attachable love handles so that you don’t develop any of your own! Don’t just walk with your baby when you have the opportunity to lose weight and tone your body as well.


Remember, just because you’re a parent and there’s a baby in the picture doesn’t mean you have to become sedentary. With baby jogger stroller accessories like these, you can get out and keep that active lifestyle going!

The advantages of an iPad stroller mount

ipad-mountWe’ve all been there. You’re pushing that little bundle of joy in the stroller, and everything is going swimmingly. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you hear a blood curdling scream erupt from beneath the visor, and you know the little one is awake and probably moody. Now, it’s one thing to be running through an empty neighborhood when this happens, but when you’re in a public place, a screaming baby in a stroller is not an enjoyable experience. Luckily, there’s a nifty little gadget created to keep your baby entertained: the iPad. But you wonder, how can you entertain your baby with an educational app on your iPad while pushing the stroller? The answer is simple: an iPad stroller mount designed especially for parents on the go. Free Your Hands When your pushing the stroller, you can’t very well stand in front of your baby, holding onto the iPad for her to see. Also, if you’re in a store, you can’t stop what you’re doing to entertain her. You need a way to keep your baby preoccupied in order to get through the day. The iPad stroller mount frees your hands. You can change your baby’s diaper, you can complete transactions, you can run in peace – the iPad will keep your baby engaged, entertained, and above all – quiet and happy. Protect the iPad You might be wondering, “won’t my baby ruin my iPad”. iPads are expensive, but an iPad stroller mount not only entertains your infant, it also protects your electronics. The iPad stroller mount keeps your iPad at a safe distance from your little one, ensuring she cannot reach it, and ensuring it is not so close that it could harm her eyesight. It mounts right onto your stroller and cannot be knocked down by your little one, and in the event that you accidentally knock the mount down, it is padded and shock proof, ensuring no harm will come to your iPad. The iPad stroller mount and organizer will free you up to go new places. You’ll be able to shop in the mall without fearing your child’s sudden screaming. You’ll be able to increase your run by at least an hour. Unbearable trips to the store or the doctor’s office will be a thing of the past. With your child entertained and quiet, life can be a little easier.