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Maternity 101: Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

What an exciting time! Here are a few tips for a happy and healthy pregnancy

  • ❖ Breathe, because you are about to begin an INCREDIBLE journey!
  • ❖ Take prenatal vitamins daily and make sure to hydrate often. (Fresh squeezed lemon in water reduces nausea!)
  • ❖ Make sure to find the right care provider that you feel most comfortable with.
  • ❖ Take childbirth classes. The more you know, the better you and your baby are during birthing and beyond.
  • ❖ Refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, as it may cause low birth weight, lower your baby’s IQ & be detrimental to its growth.
  • ❖ Take more naps. Get all the sleep you can before baby arrives!
  • ❖ Make a tentative birth plan and be open to changes that may happen along the way.
  • ❖ Do yoga and mild exercise. Your body is undergoing some major changes and practicing breathing and movement will help during all stages of labor. Kegels DO help!
  • ❖ Track weight gain and make sure to follow all scheduled doctor visits.
  • ❖ Invest in comfortable shoes and maternity clothes.
  • ❖ Eat folate-rich foods, and do your research on what NOT to eat!
  • ❖ Wear sunscreen, as your skin is much more sensitive to sunlight, and find a chemical-free formula.
  • ❖ Know when to call you doctor. Being a first-time mom can sometimes be confusing!