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The advantages of an iPad stroller mount

ipad-mountWe’ve all been there. You’re pushing that little bundle of joy in the stroller, and everything is going swimmingly. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you hear a blood curdling scream erupt from beneath the visor, and you know the little one is awake and probably moody. Now, it’s one thing to be running through an empty neighborhood when this happens, but when you’re in a public place, a screaming baby in a stroller is not an enjoyable experience. Luckily, there’s a nifty little gadget created to keep your baby entertained: the iPad. But you wonder, how can you entertain your baby with an educational app on your iPad while pushing the stroller? The answer is simple: an iPad stroller mount designed especially for parents on the go. Free Your Hands When your pushing the stroller, you can’t very well stand in front of your baby, holding onto the iPad for her to see. Also, if you’re in a store, you can’t stop what you’re doing to entertain her. You need a way to keep your baby preoccupied in order to get through the day. The iPad stroller mount frees your hands. You can change your baby’s diaper, you can complete transactions, you can run in peace – the iPad will keep your baby engaged, entertained, and above all – quiet and happy. Protect the iPad You might be wondering, “won’t my baby ruin my iPad”. iPads are expensive, but an iPad stroller mount not only entertains your infant, it also protects your electronics. The iPad stroller mount keeps your iPad at a safe distance from your little one, ensuring she cannot reach it, and ensuring it is not so close that it could harm her eyesight. It mounts right onto your stroller and cannot be knocked down by your little one, and in the event that you accidentally knock the mount down, it is padded and shock proof, ensuring no harm will come to your iPad. The iPad stroller mount and organizer will free you up to go new places. You’ll be able to shop in the mall without fearing your child’s sudden screaming. You’ll be able to increase your run by at least an hour. Unbearable trips to the store or the doctor’s office will be a thing of the past. With your child entertained and quiet, life can be a little easier.