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Nursing Pillow

A Nursing Pillow Has it’s Advantages

If you’ve just given birth or are preparing to welcome your new bundle of joy, a nursing pillow by Baby-BeeHaven will definitely come in handy. Breastfeeding your baby provides the infant with high-quality nutrition while providing an opportunity for you to create a special bond with your child.Nursing Pillow
Acta Pediatrica explains that breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin in the mother. Oxytocin helps to cultivate motherly behavior and creates a feeling of closeness between mother and baby.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breast milk is the best substance for feeding babies. This is especially true for infants who are sick or premature. The organization also asserts that infant should breastfeed for at least the first year of life, and can continue after one year of age at the mother’s discretion. The Dream Feeder nursing pillow can help you feed your little one the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients through breast milk in a position that feels great for you both. Nursing pillows are for both mother and baby when it comes to nursing, and can make feeding your infant a particularly comfortable experience for you both. Nursing Pillow Products: The Dream Cushion attachable memory foam pillow is compact, convenient, and comfy! This memory foam pillow helps provide adequate support for the baby’s neck and head, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your infant’s muscles won’t be strained while he/she is nursing. No matter where your baby gets hungry the Dream Cushion is great on-the-go. The support of the band, which attaches IN A SNAP, helps promote proper blood flow to mom’s arm as well as improved posture post-delivery. This prevents your arm from becoming strained or falling asleep. The antibacterial fabric is soft and easy to clean. learn more