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Tim Schneidau

Tim Schneidau is the CEO of Baby-BeeHaven, LLC. Tim brings over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in product design, inventing, and marketing.  Establishing a record label in 2005, he has produced three critically acclaimed CD’s for jazz guitarist Kenny Carr.  Tim and his brother Matthew Schneidau developed and successfully brought to market a flexible golf cart screen patented in 2006.  Since joining Heather Prattas in 2010 as a Co-Founder of Baby-BeeHaven, he has helped bring four products successfully to market, three of them award winning and now patented.  Drawing upon his creative and ambitious business vision and leadership skills has enabled Baby-BeeHaven to grow and prosper delivering quality products. Tim earned a B.S. and an M.D. degree from The George Washington University and is currently a practicing surgeon in Washington, DC.  He is also a retired U.S. Navy Captain with 26 years of service in the medical corps.  As a father, his two toddlers continuously inspire him.